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Gifted Dreamers, Inc. is a nonprofit network empowering people, communities, and organizations through education, compassion, events & retreats, and social entrepreneurship consulting.


We believe in the power of individual people working together to ignite hope and inspire positive societal change. We believe that transformation happens best in small groups, through relationships over time.  In relational contexts, pivotal moments can occur that alter the course of thought, values, behavior and thereby, human history.  We believe that the hope of a better world lies within the visionary reach of its people working together.  Therefore, as much as possible, we seek to partner with, build upon and expand the work of existing organizations and individuals within a community.

Program Objectives: Compassion, Hospitality, Education

1)  Offer compassion and charity in a relational and participatory process that restores dignity and builds capacity with sustainability in mind.

2)  Create hospitable opportunities for building relationships, learning, collaboration and celebration.

3)  Holistically educate,develop, train and equip people through integrative relational processes

Overview of Programs

We provide retreats, training and counseling to build capacity, develop life and job skills, facilitate recovery, equip leaders, and empower social entrepreneurs of all ages.

We host and organize events, conferences and educational opportunities to connect people and ideas together, along with resources, facilitate the collaborative creation and display of positively impactful ideas, products and actions, and foster the development of transformational relationships across social-economic, religious, political, generational and ethnic diversity.

We partner with other nonprofit organizations to provide comprehensive direct social support services, capacity development, and asset building opportunities for sustainability funded by and within social enterprise organizations.