About Us

Our Mission
Our mission is to catalyze whole life transformation and sustainable community development through education, compassion, events & retreats, and social entrepreneurship consulting.

Our mission is to connect, empower and equip a thriving community network of gifted dreamers who are innovatively working to leverage their skills, influence and resources to make a positive global and local impact. We seek to co-participate in the discovery and development of unique, positive contributions and movements that build sustainable communities and nations.

Our Vision
We seek to participate in the transformational development of gifted dreamers, defined as any person who seeks to become engaged in a life-long and holistic process of becoming more healthy, integrating their developing gifts with an expanding dream of what is possible, sustainable and compassionate. Gifted dreamers are committed to engagement within mutually transformative relationships which result in collaboration for sustainable community development.

As a community development organization and network, we seek to empower a vision of sustainable communities that is based on an economic and social model which requires a realignment of our relationship as stewards of land, resources and people, with a great mindfulness towards serving those who are marginalized or under resourced.