Our Team

Kristine SocallKristine Socall, Executive Director

Kristine Socall serves as the Executive Director and Founder of Gifted Dreamers, Inc, a nonprofit community development organization.  She earned an MBA International Economic Development from Eastern University (St. Davids, PA) and a Bachelor’s of Science Organizational Relations.  Additionally, she will receive a post graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management (Chicago, IL) in 2012

For over 13 years, she has served people, communities and organizations pursuing transformational development by offering strategic planning, marketing, branding and financial systems design, as well as coaching entrepreneurs, leading retreats, coordinating large-scale events, designing training curriculum, and planning conferences.  She has previously held staff roles as an Event Coordinator at a 12,000 seat arena and conference center and for a cancer treatment hospital and wellness clinic, planning the organization’s $25,000-budget holiday gala, acclaimed by the CEO as “the best ever in the hospital’s 10-year history”.  Additionally, she worked as an accountant at Chicago’s oldest and largest US commodities trading firm where she was responsible for tracking the firms’ 350 separate bank accounts in 15 currencies totaling $275 million annual revenue and $2.8 billion in client assets.

She takes compassion for people in need into her whole life’s work, with a passion for hospitality, learning and collaboration. She is fueled by a vision of collaboration in order to inspire hope and empower individual, community and organizational transformation.  She also regularly offers her home and hospitality to people of diverse backgrounds and professions during difficult times of life transition.  Through those experiences, she has been honored to be invited to coach individuals through recovery from addictions, through grief, depression and burnout, as well as offer mental health, nutritional and vocational coaching.

She is also in process for certification to provide NeuroNutrient Therapy, a natural amino acid supplement treatment for mood disorders and addictions; and she is applying to begin her next post-secondary graduate degree.  In addition to her passion for holistically developing people, she is pursuing certification as a SCUBA Divemaster instructor and is an amateur chef, flutist, photographer, oil painter and writer.

Sustainable Community Development (Program Design and Evaluation)

  1. Dominica F. McBride, PhD Counseling Psychology, M.Ed., President/Co-founder The H.E.L.P. Institute
  2. Julie Hanson, LCSW, M.Ed., Director of Pathways Retreat and Wellness Center
  3. Mark Herringshaw, PhD Leadership

Events, Hospitality and Property Management

  1. Ed Pluchar, Property Management, Maintenance, Organic Agriculture
  2. Lyle Hanson, Property Management, Maintenance, Organic Agriculture
  3. Deanna Riehecky, Event Planning, Catering, A/V Creative Direction

Wellness and Integrated Health Care

  1. Dr. Kristina Sargent, DC, MA Advanced Clinical Science, Clinic Director of Restor Healing Centre
  2. Wai-Chin Matsuoka, Director of Christos Center for Spiritual Formation (Chicago campus)
  3. Kristin Sauer, MA Transformation Leadership, Nutritional Coach, former Willow Creek Church-DuPage Pastor of Compassion & Care
  4. Erica Torresso, Licensed Esthetician
  5. Monica Bakos, Licensed Esthetician
  6. Brenna Tatusko, MA Counseling, NCC
  7. Tamara Koch, MA Clinical Psychology, LPC
  8. Marcy Pluchar, RN
  9. Staci Boyer, Master Trainer, Wellness Coach
  10. Rev. Larry Edward Kamphausen
  11. Rev. Pat Green

 Training, Education and Leadership Development

  1. Sharon Gramby-Sobukwe, PhD, Organizational Leadership
  2. Sharon Swing, MA Organizational Development
  3. Sibyl Towner, Spiritual Mentoring
  4. Greg Richardson, Spiritual Director, Organizational Development, MA Public Policy
  5. Cindy Todd, MBA Economic Development
  6. Wendy Balman, CPCC, ACC, MA Organizational Systems Renewal, Certified Leadership Coach
  7. Shannon Bruce, CPA, Professional Certified Coach
  8. David Zigo, CPA
  9. Rev MacInnes, Homelessness Advocacy, Urban Photography Artist
  10. Randi Rowan, Spiritual Mentoring, Chaplain
  11. Dave Kehnast, Certified Leadership Coach
  12. Kimberly Kirchmer Dinsdale, Christian Life Coach, Grief Counselor
  13. Dawn Schiller, Youth Mentoring and Trafficking Advocacy, Executive Director of E.S.T.E.A.M
  14. Tim Salmonson, MA Organizational Leadership, Executive Director of Invision Global Network
  15. Cindie Gillie, MA Community Development, Director of Operations, Invision Global Network
  16. Pat Riehecky, MA Historical and Systematic Theology, Scientific Linux Systems Developer at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
  17. Jonathan Brink, MA Organizational Leadership, Senior Editor, Civitas Press and Proveketive Magazine
  18. Heather Franks, Leadership Coach, Certified Enneagram Teacher
  19. Graeme Franks, Leadership Coach, Creative Director, Certified Enneagram Teacher
  20. Beth Orchard, MA Criminology, MA Social Justice

Marketing, Fundraising and Communications

  1. Mark Broad, Creative Director, Branding, Social Media Design, Programming
  2. Clint Bargmann, Fundraising Advisory Board
  3. Trey Gonzalez, Fundraising Advisory Board, Board Member Interfaith House  
  4. Tamora Walls Hughes, Grant Professional, Co-Pastor Bridge Network Intl.