Small gifts?

Just $7 or $12 makes a difference.

Small donations of $7 or $12 will help launch 5 charitable organizations with big dreams of making the world a better place. Your $7 or $12 will provide $1000 per month of seed funding for one year to each of these social entrepreneurs as they walk through the steps of their organization’s launch process.

Each of the Dreamers participating in this campaign has already applied for and is waiting on decisions regarding larger donations from foundations, private donors, investors, and other grant funding. However, this process can take months and, in the meantime, there are immediate small needs that must be met in order to continue the critical assistance services that many of them are already providing.

100% of all donations go directly to the 5 social entrepreneurs participating in this campaign and will help each Dreamer launch a charitable organization that will become self-supporting through its ability to earn income, rather than continually rely on donations to support charitable programs – this is called social enterprise.

Gift-a-DreamPlease consider a monthly donation of $7 or $12 or specify a one-time donation amount of your choice. If you choose to fund your donation through a PayPal or bank account balance, rather than credit card, there are NO fees deducted.

We need your help during this 12 month launch period while these organizations become fully financially self-supporting through services and programs that generate income and help improve lives.

Big dreams?

Meet the Dreamers.

Kristine Socall and Gifted Dreamers, Inc, a nonprofit network which catalyzes whole life transformation and sustainable community development, which is currently providing business plan assistance, grant writing, marketing, and accounting services for social entrepreneurs and nonprofits.

Mark Broad and Kioskio Inc, a social enterprise developing web-based technologies that bring the full service of high-dollar ad agencies to budget-conscious organizations.

Rev MacInnes and Small Things Matter, a nonprofit organization supporting homeless families and children through social media and technology, to educate and inspire small actions that impact lives in big ways.

Dawn Schiller and E.S.T.E.A.M, a nonprofit organization educating, mentoring, and empowering teens and communities about trafficking, trauma, and abuse

Erica Torresso and Soak Party, a nonprofit social enterprise offering mobile wellness and spa events that celebrate, empower and educate women of all ages, supporting efforts to fight domestic violence and trafficking.

Gift-a-DreamPlease consider making a monthly or one-time donation of $7 or $12, or specify the donation amount of your choice.

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